Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Spirit of Maitreya

As I was waking up this morning I had a wonderful dream. It was about the spirit of Maitreya. I saw clearly that this spirit is amazingly efficient which is one of the hallmarks of a Buddha. So in this dream I saw the Maitreya Buddha as ultimately efficient right mindful compassion. It is said in Mahayana Buddhism that one goes to enlightenment to become a Buddha very quickly like in a Boeing 747 across the ocean rather than across the ocean alone in a rowboat. In this dream I watched the spirit of the Maitreya move as fast as ideas do across the internet through multimedia or through CNN or through various other combined media. I watched as it happens. It reminded me of stories I heard from my father about my Uncle Tommy. For example, one day he was watching a man land his plane at the airport. After the man landed the plane my Uncle Tommy was asked, "Would you like to fly my plane?" (the man assumed incorectly that my Uncle had a pilot's license). My uncle took the man's plane up and when he landed he made a perfect three point landing. The man whose plane it was said, "Where did you learn to fly? That was a perfect three point landing?" My Uncle Tom said, "I've never been in a plane before."

Many beings have already become enlightened in previous lifetimes. Some beings only need hear of something like a plane and can automatically fly even without a license. You do understand I'm speaking metaphorically. I'm not advocating flying without a license. I'm simply saying all some beings need is to hear about something like Soul Traveling and they can automatically do it because it is something they did in previous lifetimes. All some people need is to hear about levitation and they can do it. All some people need is to hear about healing others at a distance and they can do it. All some people need is to hear about how to help mankind and they can do it themselves. All mankind needs is enough of these self starters manifesting together on earth and the world changes. it is like having thousands and millions of secret Buddhas and many beings like Jesus manifesting all over earth.

And when a certain critical mass is reached the whole world changes into something else. And actually it is times like these right now where there aren't enough jobs worldwide that many people automatically become fully enlightened. It's times just like these that make the most enlightened people.
Times like these!

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