Monday, March 8, 2010

The Wonder of Being a Writer

Just like being an artist, being a writer has nothing to do with being paid for it. It has to do with the need to write or if you are an artist the need to paint. It is an expression of your soul. When you write you can share anything that you find useful or that you need to share. Of course it is helpful if others share at least some of your interests and in some ways it is a one way communication experience. But I find it much cheaper than psychotherapy. As one writes it can be a catharsis, a revelation or it can be whatever you make it. But for me it is mostly about sharing experiences that lead me towards enlightenment as a man, a human here on earth, a being as a Citizen of this Galaxy and a Citizen of the Universe.

Ideas have taken us from the stone age to the space age to increasing longevity worldwide and beyond. Your imagination is the only limit to the future of mankind on earth and beyond. Write of your dreams and inspire us all to greatness!

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