Wednesday, March 31, 2010

View of Mt. Shasta 2

It had been raining and snowing every day since we arrived from the California Coast. As we prepared to leave finally the mountain cleared up and I got this picture. It was a happy moment to see the mountain in all it's glory. As mountains go it is a very impressive one as it is a Volcano that is still active. When I climbed it to the top in 1970 I found the sulphur steam vent near the Summit. During the Viet Nam War a protester lived there at the Steam vents as a protest to the war where he could keep warm for several years and survived his protest. However, having been at that altitude I wouldn't recommend anyone live at 13,000 feet  in elevation but that is everyone's personal choice.

It is good to have a sunny day to see the snow with the sun glinting off it and the mountain and all the surrounding alpine beauty.

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