Sunday, March 21, 2010

Volcano erupts in Iceland

Iceland fears 2nd, even larger volcanic eruption     for full yahoo news article on the volcano click previous multi word button

begin quote from above article:

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – A volcano in southern Iceland has erupted for the first time in almost 200 years, raising concerns that it could trigger a larger and potentially more dangerous eruption at a volatile volcano nearby.
The eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull (AYA-feeyapla-yurkul) volcano, located near a glacier of the same name, shot ash and molten lava into the air but scientists called it mostly peaceful. It occurred just before midnight Saturday (2000 EDT, 8 p.m. EDT) at a fissure on a slope — rather than at the volcano's summit — so scientists said there was no imminent danger that the glacier would melt and flood the area.
TV footage showed lava flowing along the fissure, and many flights were canceled due to the threat of airborne volcanic ash. After an aerial survey Sunday, scientists concluded the eruption struck near the glacier in an area that had no ice.
"This is the best possible place for an eruption," said Tumi Gudmundsson, a geologist at the University of Iceland. end quote.

Obviously, to my way of thinking people have been doing their praying in a well thought out way. It is my thought that having a volcano go off in a relatively unpopulated area is better than taking out 250,000 people or more somewhere else on earth. Your prayers worked!

I think at this point the making of the movie "2012" was a very important occurrance because it shocked people into a new mode of consciousness and this is: "What if any part of this is true? I need to start praying and living my life in a better way and being a kinder more helpful person" and "What if I die in this whole 2012 thing. How is God going to treat me after I'm dead if there really is a God?"

I think in this way in an altruistic sense this movie and others like it tend to put people on their best behavior until at least 2013.

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