Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learning to be 2 or more places in time and space

In government parlance of the 1970s and after this was called remote viewing. However, this point of view I found completely useless.

I started from a different point in perception that centered around the religion I was raised in. So as a baby growing up I was taught that soul travel was something Saints did regularly. So, since my parents thought this was valuable it became valuable to me as well. So, I guess you could say the seeds of actual scientific soul travel started at birth for me. So, because I had the natural capacity to do this and because I believed from birth on that this was possible there was never a moment where I believed I couldn't. And so I did do it  and kept doing it.

I think if one gets into the right paradigm of reality it is possible for everyone to do this. In fact, everyone does soul travel. It just isn't generally understood by most people. Every time you daydream or night dream you are soul traveling. Because the basis of reality is NOT time and space but rather states of consciousness. In other words living on earth is like a TV station or radio station that we all live in that frequency of rather than actually being a physical place in ultimate reality. If thinking this way freaks you out then don't. You can choose to believe anything you want for comfort.

For example, to think and feel the way one needs to for totally enlightened states sometimes makes me nauseous so then I pretend that everything is material like the average person does so I stop being nauseous. However, at core I still realize that seeing things as material is not actually true but an illusion of the true reality we all are as souls living in human bodies on earth.

The most wonderful thing that happened to me once I had embarked upon conscious soul travel and prayed to God to let me do it, He did. At first I thought I was going to die from a heart attack because the paradigm shift was just to great at first for me to physically survive. In short I woke up in the desert in a cabin of a friend alone and had to go to the toilet. So I half asleep got up and went into the bathroom and flipped on the light switch. (Here's where I almost had a heart attack) My hand and arm went through the bathroom wall instead of turning on the light and I almost died right there because I wasn't trying to soul travel. I was just trying to get to the bathroom to relieve myself while half asleep at about 2 am at night. So I mustered all the courage of my being to not completely fragment and die right there and wondered what I had read that one should do next. So I did what the book said, I walked back to my body and laid down into it. Seeing ones body asleep for the first time while you are awake walking around in your soul( a ghostlike body) was the second time I thought I was going to die. So I laid down into my body and started to wake up shaking violently because of my fear.

So this totally wasn't working for me to go through this alone in a desert cabin away from everyone I knew by about 100 miles or so. So I got into my 1966 VW Seablue Bug and drove back to Rancho Bernardo, California where I lived then while I was going to college in San Diego County. The year was about 1971. As I pulled away from the desert cabin I said to God, "You almost killed me, God. Please give me a good experience now because that last one was awful." God did this about a month or two later. I woke up in Rancho Bernardo and sat up out of my body. I turned and looked at my body but wasn't scared this time because I was still connected from my hips to my toes. Then a really strange thing at the time happened. Another me walked in the door with an angelic look on its face and laid down into me and then we laid down into my physical body.  I said, "Thank you, God. Now I understand." But at this point a paradigm shift had occurred in me. A profound change had occurred. I knew completely and unerringly that a human soul can exist without a body, a human soul can and does walk around at night (and possibly other times as well).

So this was the first time in my life I not only believed I had a soul but I had actually seen my soul firsthand walking back to my body through my bedroom door. And not only that, there were at least 2 to three points of awareness that all interfaced in this being that each of us are.

So, since my perception of everything had permanently changed I started soul traveling as a conscious novice.

At this  point I would say that consciously soul traveling is about as tricky as surfing a 5 to 10 foot wave on the ocean with a surfboard. First you have to have the ability and the nerve to do it  and then you have to learn to do it safely so you don't die. Then the other thing I learned is that unless you have a good reason to be soul traveling it isn't really a good idea at all anytime to be consciously soul traveling.

Luckily, I was and am a soul traveling spiritual pilgrim, and this has always protected me as beings from all planets and dimensions soul travel both physical places and dimensional places all the time and are protected by their motivations. This is my initial experience with being 2 or more places at the same time.

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