Friday, March 12, 2010

For me, a new discovery 3-12-2010

For me, until now I have been going up to the internet address of an article and placing that for reference in my articles. However, I learned by accident yesterday while I was copying dates for an article on the Yellowstone Caldera Swarm of Earthquakes that one can go to the original web button and then up to the Edit Function on my Firefox(or Internet explorer if you are using that) and click on "Edit" and then while holding your shift key down move the cursor over what you want to copy and after it is underlined or "over lined" in blue or whatever color you computer puts it in then click "copy" up in the edit function. Then go to your blog or website or comment or wherever you want to publish and put the cursor there where you want it to go and then go to the "edit" button again and then push "Paste" and it will go there.

The amazing thing about doing this is that the whole word button copies into your blog or website or wherever you are copying this to. This saves your readers time because then all they have to do is click on your copy of the word button to go to the actual web article wherever it is located on the net.

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