Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learning to be 2 or more places: Advanced

To make you understand just how terrifying soul traveling can be, let me tell you the following true story. By the time I had made this mistake(mistake?). Better said, "By the time I had made this soul traveling terrifying experiment I had been fine soul traveling for several years. I had gone all over earth soul traveling and had gone to Venus, into the Sun and through the Sun into the Center of the Galaxy and met with Galactic Leaders there. They told me I was a relative of theirs. I actually didn't know what to make of that at the time. But since I was alone with them in the center of the galaxy, "when in Rome do as the Romans". After all I was all alone there likely with more balls than brains of a 20 something by then.

So then I made a mistake? I had the bright idea of going out past the end of the Galaxy out into deep space and when I did I was terrified out of my mind by this experience. It took me about 6 years before I met anyone who understood this and it was a Tibetan Lama. He didn't have to say anything to me I only had to meditate with him in his presence and I understood and was no longer afraid of the void beyond the edge of the galaxy.

From my present point of view it is like the galaxy is one consciousness( maybe something like a jellyfish) (they look somewhat similar to a galaxy). When any being goes out beyond this galaxy they leave the group consciousness of the galaxy and for me because I didn't expect this, it was the single most terrifying experience of my entire life.

I suppose the best example of what this was like for me would be if someone suddenly dropped you in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no boat or land or life preserver or person and you weren't even sure where you were. You only knew you could swim or you would drown. This basically was my experience out passed the edge of the galaxy soul traveling.

However, I have read of experienced soul travelers who actually come to like this state because everything that isn't whole or balanced within you falls off and self destructs. So all useless unbalanced stuff falls off you and is gone. But if you are used to that stuff and it is key to your identity it can be rough. more later.

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