Sunday, March 21, 2010

Historic Moment: Healthcare Bill Passes

Social Security, Medicare, Health Care Bill. Each of these bills created historic changes to the lives of all citizens of the United States. Though the fight has been long and hard and years in the making Senator Ted Kennedy can rest in peace as his lifelong dream of actual health care for mostly  everyone legally here in the U.S.

Though everyone knows the bill is not perfect it will prevent people from going bankrupt from losing their jobs and dying because they lose their healthcare. Though they still may go bankrupt from losing their jobs and homes they won't have to die because they lost their healthcare insurance too. And it will prevent anyone from losing their insurance for any reason. So no one has to die with no healthcare insurance or treatment or care all alone if they are U.S. Citizen.

The 16% of the economy that is now consumed by healthcare expenses no longer has to grow to 25% by 2025 as long as the government and the people police how this new legislation is brought into actuality. Also, as problems arise it will have to be amended and modified as  new needs and problems arise that need fixing.

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