Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heaven Buddha

Heaven Buddha did not know he was a budding Buddha. He thought everyone was telepathic at age 2 so he assumed everyone could do this too. As he grew up he wondered why so many children's minds seemed crazy to him. He found his mind more resembled how adults viewed things. So even as a child he saw things as an adult. This doesn't mean that child heaven Buddha didn't get confused at times. No. It just means that he would recover from this confusion much faster or if not faster he would understand fully what had confused him and remember not to let that happen again. So he was a very quick learner and very adaptable to his surroundings. So he tended to survive well any situation he was put in.

When Heaven Buddha became a man he still wasn't heaven Buddha. No. He still had much learning and testing to do. But through much learning and testing he started to get there during his mid 20s and felt he had arrived at something by age 32. At this age he took his vows of harmlessness even though he had been very kind to beings all his life. He just took this kindness more seriously.

He had long wondered why beings had to suffer so much especially near death and after death. So he began to research how he could help beings suffer less during this time of change. By combining his gifts to speed up where he should research he finally found ancient prayers that take all beings to the nearest heaven so they can go then to whatever heaven they belong in. So he started to do this prayer for any being he noticed that was dead or dying human or otherwise. If a dead animal lay on the road he would pray for the animal and often the animal spirit would come and thank him. Some animals would tell him 'thank you. no one else prayed for me so I just suffered until you came and sent me to heaven'. This sort of thing sometimes even happened with humans who had no relatives or friends to pray them into heaven.

So Heaven Buddha found he was giving the prayer a lot of the time in his mind especially when he would read of calamities worldwide that took many lives. As time went on Heaven Buddha became more sensitive to when the heaven realms came near to earth to take many souls at once.
Finally he began to experience thousands of souls coming to earth and leaving earth 24 hours a day. But he was grown up enough to deal with this. So he began to think about it as a river going by with each drop a soul or the waves on the ocean with each drop a soul moving through time and space. As Heaven Buddha contemplated this he felt peace and birth and death became the same thing of souls moving on like the seasons of the year. This peace helped him continue to pray for souls dying or dead to go to the nearest heaven without trauma or fear so they could easily be ushered on by angels to whatever heaven they would reside in.

Added March 8th 2010:

in response to many of your thoughts Heaven Buddha thinks that Hell or purgatory or whatever you call it is a form a self punishment for bad things done to others or self. However, if any beings have the fortune to be in the awareness of Heaven Buddha then they deserve heaven. For everything is actually states of consciousness and not really about time and space at all. So if one is in the field of consciousness of a real Buddha then that one deserves heaven if this happens at or near death or even after. If people who are harming self or others come into the awareness of Heaven Buddha however, instant karmic return awakens them to their actions. This is the way of many Buddhas of increasing constantly the kindness of all beings towards all others and self. So to know a Buddha or to even think about a Buddha moves one towards the heaven they belong in according to thoughts, needs, actions and preferences of that being.

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