Friday, March 26, 2010

Useful Ethics for Potential Soul Travelers

First of all, as in anything there is always someone somewhere who is bigger and stronger than you and who will gladly kick your ass if you get out of line even among soul travelers. So, as in all aspects of life motivation is everything. So if your attitude is kindness towards all beings then normally the whole  "Live and let Live" attitude that most people have applies in the soul traveling world just like it does in everyday life.

However, if you are soul traveling you tend to be "potentially" more vulnerable. So you really don't want to be soul traveling unless your motivations are pure and kind to all beings unless of course you want to be terrified out of your mind and possibly die.

However, if your motivations and kind and good there is a natural protection that you will naturally generate that will keep you safe and alive wherever you go in the universe or dimensions(generally speaking). There are exceptions to this rule as in all rules in some places.

Just like on earth in a physical body if you choose to go somewhere stupid and do stupid things you might die. The same is true with soul traveling.

Phase 2-

So now I've gone through the caveats and dangers here are some of the good things. As one becomes proficient at soul traveling over the years one learns to help people in all sorts of amazing ways. So, for me, I'm always looking for ways that I can constructively help people. However, when one is a novice one always must be respectful of people who don't believe that anyone has souls. If you demonstrate to someone like this forcibly that souls actually exist you might mentally, emotionally, or even physically damage them and you would get karma or responsibility for harming a being who wasn't ready to recognize who they are fully yet.
For example, should you while traveling out in your soul body come upon someone who is doing bad things you could scare the living hell out of them by manifesting to them in a soul body so they would "See you as a ghost" and be very scared or even die of fright. However, no matter your motivations, that kind of "Fear of God" kind of thing is best left to Archangels like Michael. Of everyone I've met no one can put the fear of God into a wayward soul like Archangel Michael and his sword of Blue flame or fire.

Souls have the freedom to be wise or stupid and since the creator made us all that way, we really don't have the right to force people to change until they are ready. In the end we are not God with a big G. We are gods with a little g created in the God of the universe's image like it says in the Bible. So, it is important to understand one's place in the scheme of things if one wants to continue to exist at all, anywhere.

So, for me, I just watch all the time how I can help all beings in supernatural ways to make their lives better. I find it now sort of like conducting music, like some sort of scientific artform or wonderful creativity. But it wasn't always like this. Most of what I have learned was hard won knowledge and I had to suffer a lot to gain this knowledge through years of many different kinds of experiences. and even when I share knowledge with you, generally I'm only sharing intellectually because it is sort of like talking about flying a plane, driving a car or riding a motorcycle in the dirt. Until you actually do it, it is all sort of like intellectual masturbation until you actually do it and become proficient.

However, this primer of basic soul traveler ethics might help you  to survive the first pitfalls you might encounter on this amazing path.

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