Monday, June 12, 2017

Having any banking at all connected to your smart phone is a really bad idea

Companies want you to do all sorts of financial transactions with your phone or computer. Don't do it!

The reason is simple. If you know anything at all about computers it is that a smart phone is the least secure Internet and phone device you could ever own. Why in God's Name would you want to do banking from your phone anyway?

Only the truly ignorant (or college students who have parents to financially bail them out) should actually be doing this in the end. 

So, if someone takes all their money through hacking their smartphone at least their parents can help them out. 

Otherwise, when you have no money to pay the rent or eat, from being hacked, Good luck!

I won't even put a theater ticket on my phone but I'll let my daughter do that. 

But, then again, I have been studying computer hardware and programming since 1966 what do I know?

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