Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Having your dog or cat put to sleep

I sort of wish people could be put to sleep like we do animals because there would be so much less suffering on earth as long as the people chose this for themselves.

But, my daughter had to put to sleep her cat who was 16 years old that she raised from a little tiny kitten. Her Tom Cats mother got accidentally run over with one of her kittens when she ran under the car to rescue her baby so my daughter had to bottle feed her Tom Cat because his eyes had just opened. that was 16 years ago now and my daughter is now 28 years old. But, it was hard because when my daughter was young this cat was everything to her at the time because she lived out in the country so this cat from a kitten was sort of her best friend along with her horse and goats and rabbits on the ranch.

So, after all that has happened her mother kept her cat because she has been overseas in college and just returned early spring to the U.S. and her cat broke his shoulder and so she drove north into Oregon to put him to sleep as she felt she owed her childhood best friend this last visit before he was gone.

It reminded me of my dog furby who had to be put down in December 2015. He was 1/2 long hair german shepard and 1/2 Border Collie. He would stare at you like a human would. He didn't avert his eyes like most dogs do because he was a sheep dog naturally (two kinds) in his mix. He was the single most intelligent dog I ever knew and I miss him a lot and cannot replace him.

within a year we adopted an 8 year old Yellow lab who was a rescue whose male owner had died. Sometimes I feel bad because I am traveling at least 1 week a month since I'm retired and it isn't practical to take him with me because he is bonded to our 13 1/2 year old corgi female who belongs to my younger daughter that she raised as a puppy who is now in college too and 21. So, often her corgi sits at the front door waiting for my younger daughter who is in college away for her to come home and she comes back about once a month for a weekend to see us and her corgi. She wanted to take her corgi with her but we knew she was too old for this at 13 1/2 because corgis often don't live that long and this one has kidney problems already which we are trying to treat. There is a shot so she isn't in so much elderly dog pain when I walk her that the vet gave to us to give her. So, she isn't in pain when she walks a mile with me every day I'm home.

This has been the longest I've been away from the dogs on this trip as far north as Portland. I wanted to be back last Saturday so i was home for father's day but since my older daughter's cat needed to be put down in Oregon I stayed here in Shasta and went swimming in the lake with friends instead of going to Oregon which was much better on many levels. My daughter texted me right now and told me her friend the Tom Cat was gone and that she would bury him in the morning.

I still keep the ashes of my dog Furby (I didn't name him that the previous owner did) on the book shelf along with Maggie Mae our previous dog who passed away years ago after a fight with a raccoon who was corgi and jack russel mix. We really liked the corgi side of her and that's why we got a full corgi with papers for my younger daughter 13 and 1/2 years ago as she missed her jack russell corgi mix who had passed away then.

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