Monday, June 5, 2017


I used to think that healing was something different than it actually is.

What I would now define healing is is sanity.

When you are sane in an insane world then you are healed.

This is why so many become monks and nuns and retreat from the insanity of the world into monasteries but some only find their own craziness magnified or they get on diets that are counterproductive to their mental and physical well being.

So, how to you get healed?

You have to keep trying something until you find something that works.

For example, I grew up  from age 8 to 21 in Glendale, California and I realized the traffic and all the people in Los Angeles 14 million or more in that area were making me kind of crazy. So, when my parents moved to San Diego for Dad to rejoin his IBEW electrical workers union until he retired, I eventually moved to San Diego with him first to Poway, then to Rancho Penasquitos and finally to Rancho Bernardo. I went to Palomar College then and loved it and spent 2 years there learning about Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology and Psychology. My first major had been in computer science and from those courses I worked for awhile in the computer field and made pretty good money but I found that before microchips and Ram it wasn't as much fun as I thought it might be to do this, especially working midnight to noon 7 days a week at age 20. So, by age 21 returning to college and this time going in a different direction saved my sanity and my young life.

Though computers and software have always been a hobby for me ever since, when Angels came and said to me, "We won't let you do again what you did on Atlantis!" my young ego was destroyed and I went through an ego death of epic proportions. But, the angels were right. My purpose this time was to do something else with my life like Get enlightened and so studying Cultural Anthropology, comparative religion, philosophy and Psychology made more sense if I wanted to become enlightened.

So, the first thing I realized is that I had suffered enough to really understand the importance of PHilosophy by 21 and so I always got As in this and enjoyed classroom participation a lot.

The next thing I learned was that I was a natural Shaman by learning about shamans within cultures around the world. My textbook said that "A Shaman was someone who had psychologically died but their body still lived. And because they had died already (not physically) they lived in the world of the living and the world of the dead at the same time and so could help other people because of this interesting state they were in.

Also I watched "Brother Sun and Sister Moon" about Saint Francis of Asisi and this moved me a lot to see a knight with obvious PTSD become a saint in his own community in Asisi in Italy.

So, all these things started to heal me in my life and to send me in much more positive directions than I had gone before.

So, soon by age 25 when my girlfriend got pregnant I was mature enough to raise a son, even though 4 years later I was a single father raising my son alone. But, this also was good for me on my path because I had chosen to be a Householder yogi where your family becomes your Yoga.

So, I started businesses to support my son and then my 2nd wife starting in 1978 and after.

All these  things contributed to my healing enough to move on in my life and be there for all my children no matter what else happened in my life.

By God's Grace

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