Sunday, June 18, 2017

Here's the paradox: Without an investigation Trump will never be able to clear his name: EVER

and without an investigation now it is much more likely that Trump will eventually see jail time himself when all is said and done. And this not only wouldn't be good for a 70 something year old man to die in prison who was once a U.S. President, it also would be a disaster ongoing for the office of U.S. president for 100s of years into the future.
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Without such an investigation, the President, ironically, will never be able to clear his name. We have reached the point where our democratic institutions are now in dire need of bipartisan demands for accountability, with members focusing on the national interest above anything else.
When prosecutors and Congress looked into what happened in the Watergate break-in, President Nixon's response was ultimately what brought him down. With each tweet and tirade, President Trump might very well be following in his footsteps.
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