Sunday, June 18, 2017

President Trump cooks his own Goose every day with his Tweets

If you are a lawyer (or are anyone who understands that laws here in the U.S. you've just got to be cringing everytime you see one of Trump's Tweets. Because they are basically saying, "I'm guilty of obstruction of Justice every time I Tweet."

Because by trying to manipulate the public like he has all his life it just demonstrates he is guilty of "obstruction of Justice". If he were not the president he likely would not be found guilty of obstruction of justice. But, precisely because he has the bully pulpit there is no other conclusion someone can come to other than he is guilty of obstruction of justice in reading his tweets. Precisely because HE IS the PRESIDENT!

If Trump had just stopped Tweeting or didn't fire Comey he might have been president for 4 to 8 years time.

But now, his tweets say to ANYONE who knows the law "I'm so guilty of Obstruction of justice you just won't believe it!"

Because in trying to manipulate the public to your point of view when you are in the middle of an investigation of you by the government you ONLY are demonstrating you are at least as guilty as Nixon was of obstruction of justice.

And if you are a serious bi-partisan lawyer you know this.

Otherwise they are just demonstrating that they are as corrupt as Trump is.

And John Q Public is watching you! Worldwide!

And most of them are also taking notes and jotting down names and behaviors right now worldwide!

At this point I don't think anyone is going to get away with anything because of this.

Every truth eventually comes out (usually within a year).

So do you want to be one of the ones left holding the bag when this whole charade ends?

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