Thursday, June 15, 2017

I realized today that smartphones eventually evolve into "Biocom"

In 1987 I was writing about past life memories 1,000,000 years into the future of a humanoid (whose DNA much of which came from earth from the 25th Century and after when humans begin colonizing other planets and dimensions in earnest then. At that time in the Galactic Time Guard that Arcane eventually joins as an adult after becoming a Planet Saver of his planet New Deva, he comes to earth and lands in 1987 on the Golden Gate Bridge from the location near the black hole in the center of the Galaxy on the almost impossible to find "planet of the Galactic Time Guard" there. He is shot through both space and time to 1987 Earth to work here as a Planetary Anthropologist to study Earth and to keep it from nuking out of existence from any cause. This is a past life memory. So, I realized today that smartphones slowly evolve into devices integrated into human bodies and run by the electro-chemical processes of our bodies as we eat food.

However, in 1987 I didn't believe that souls didn't need time or space yet and I still believed in sequentially forward lifetimes in reincarnation. I hadn't had a heart virus during which time I prepared for my own death in 1998 and 1999 yet when  I realized souls have nothing to do with time and space at all unless they are resident in a human body at the time.

So, from a souls perspective it could theoretically incarnate in millions of forms on thousands of planets and dimensions including heaven realms in thousands of places simultaneously. However, in 1987 this would have been beyond my understanding as a human being and spiritually evolving being at that time. IN fact there is no limitation of which galaxies you might incarnate in either likely as well. So, this sort of realization took me to a really amazing place where I realized most authors might be writing about previous lifetimes they have already experienced in the past, present and future like I do too.

begin quote from:

 Chapter 9 of Memories
Earth 1987 is definitely not a time I would choose to vacation in. It is Early Nuclear in Galactic Timekeeper terms.

My biological implants are called by us Biocom which is short for Biocommunicator and biocomputer for it is both. Biocom has done a mind scan and is programming my psychic substructure for verbal physical and psychic nuances of this era so I can appear to be a normal human of 1987. I am standing on what is called the Golden Gate Bridge which guards the opening of the San Francisco Bay.

What is this? Someone's going to jump off the bridge. Does a forthright person in this culture stop this behavior? Yes, others are running to help stop her. The Woman is screaming and foaming at the mouth. "Help me they are trying to kill me." She says. Her behavior seems bizarre even to me, an offworlder.

The automatic thought scanner of my friendly sentient biocom tells me she has been tampered with by beings that are unfriendly aliens. But the cultural norm of this present day culture apparently doubts that aliens even exist in real time on earth. Boy! Have they got a lot to learn?

***Note a biocomputer is a micro-micro sentient computer built into the left ear lobe and into a spot just outside the left corner of the mouth and into a little area atop the head. Each of these three interfaced units is both thought and voice activated and undetectable to the present technology of 1987. There is also deep memory storage of one billion terabytes in the fillings of my lower molars. Through earth satellite relay I can within ten seconds retrieve Earth information from any files on earth or any information I am permitted to access in this Galaxy from any known time or space. I can instantly communicate by thought or word to Galactic Central Timekeepers in emergencies. This can be done in 4 or 5 basic ways consciously or by about 50 different unconscious ways, which automatically generate when consciousness is absent or altered in any way. All my vital signs and all DNA based life forms around me within 100 yards are also monitored for potential threats or dangers.

*** Note 2: Contrary to popular belief the best place to manifest and disappear in time travel is in public. Over 50 people in a football field size area is an earth traveling rule for my group of timekeepers. Our biocoms can change the motivations and thoughts in those around us when we manifest or disappear within 1/100th of a second when necessary. Since our biocoms monitor all life around us they do this automatically.

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