Thursday, June 15, 2017

To the best of my ability I write about my experience of the Universe Past, Present and Future

What this means literally is: "I realize I have already lived in the past, present and future" and I can tell you about what I have already experienced there.

However, what I have also realized is that the past, present and future is constantly changing as people travel time to and from various places for various good and bad and neutral reasons.

So, none of us can "forever" count on the past, the present or the future in staying the same as we experienced it.

In this sense, we ONLY have our memories and the memories of our closest friends and relatives to comfort us in this sense.

However, understanding that the past, present and future is constantly changing and rearranging is a powerful tool that most other people do not have.

In other words how we live our lives is completely different if we already know the past, present and future is constantly changing in often completely unexpected ways.

So, one has to look at the whole thing like a gigantic "Science Experiment" that God is creating for his own purposes.

This also makes every moment we live much more precious and we are less likely to live in the past or the future knowing we ONLY literally have this moment right now when things are the way they are in actuality. So, every sunset or sunrise, every moment you share with someone you love, a friend a relative or whoever, is much more precious in this world of unexpected changes to the past, present and future.

But, remember knowing this, you are much more empowered in your lives than the average person who doesn't know this yet.

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