Thursday, June 15, 2017

The problem of partisanship in the U.S. is there is NO agreement to disagree anymore

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Cillizza: Truce is over. Pelosi just went off on Republicans

Nancy Pelosi just went off on Republicans attacking Democrats over the Scalise shooting

Pelosi has been a Republican bogeyman since she rose to the speakership in 2007 -- and, in truth, long before that. Her mention of the $100 million figure is in reference to the amount of money she estimates that Republican candidates, party committees and conservative groups have spent around the country in negative ads attacking her.
Here's one -- from the Georgia 6th special election -- in which the narrator says "Nancy Pelosi and liberal politicians are flooding into Georgia to try and stop our Republican majority that's getting things done." (Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel will face off in a special election runoff on Tuesday.)
Pelosi's broader point is that demonizing the people who disagree with you isn't unique to Democrats.
And, she's right. Both parties -- particularly in the last decade or so -- have embraced the idea that people who disagree with your political views are, at best, misguided and, at worst, evil. Phrases like "disagree without being disagreeable" or "reasonable people can disagree" have disappeared from our political dialogue. People who disagree with you are to be scorned, shunned and ignored -- not engaged.
A 2016 Pew poll on partisanship and polarization showed that 45% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats viewed the other's policies as a "threat" to the country. Both those numbers increased from the last Pew poll on polarization in 2014. Fifty-five percent of Democrats in that survey said the Republican party made them feel "afraid" while 49% of Republicans say the same of the Democratic party.
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So, if 55% of Democrats see Republican points of view a threat to their country's ongoing existence and 49% of the Republicans are afraid of the Democrats then Eric Trump's Statement that "Democrats aren't even people" reminds one of how Native Americans were genocided too because they "Weren't Christians" and therefore were heathens or animals. And the same was said of People who originated in Africa too in genociding them before during and after the Civil War.
So, polarization is likely going to cause more and more injuries and deaths in a climate like this one before hopefully we move on to a better place once again in this country. The last time it was this bloody Nixon was president in 1968 in Chicago at the Democratic convention when police beat up demonstrators outside to a bloody pulp then. Then we had Nixon who really screwed things up except in regard to China then so at least China and the U.S. didn't nuke each other out of existence in the 1970s.
So, realizing polarization is a cycle we go through periodically in our country. This doesn't last forever folks usually. So, something is going to happen where we HAVE TO band together or perish. This is what usually happens to bring the whole country together as a nation once again. World War II with the bombing of Pearl Harbor did this too in bringing us all together. 9-11 also brought us all together too. So, maybe something as bad as Pearl Harbor or 9-11 will bring us together this time as a nation too. However, I'm not sure that could work with Trump as our president because no one is going to trust him or anything he says in a crisis. This is a real problem.

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