Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm one of the 55% of Americans that see Trump as a threat to the continued existence of our U.S. democracy

However, I'm one of the first to say also that I feel that Trump Means well but he is so 1950s this type of 1950s polarized racist thinking gets in his way. Because he is so busy making sure Muslims die overseas and that Black people go to jail (whether they did anything wrong or not) that the average person just knows (here in the U.S.) that Trump absolutely cannot be trusted.

The other thing is that the 34 to 37% (it varies day to day) who actually support Trump are ALL (99%) white people who mostly never went to college. The ones that support him that went to college mostly want him to make them money in the stock market and through favors and loyalty by the way.

So, the majority 55% see Trump as the death of them and their finances. Because unless you are in the top 10% you are going to be financially destroyed by Trump's policies. This is pretty obvious.

And watching poor Trump voters trying to support him as he steals all their medical insurance away is like watching poor people standing in the middle of the road waiting to be run over by a semi truck.

That is what it is like for me to watch at this point. It's sickening to watch a man who is literally killing them while they continue to support him blindly.

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