Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm an Independent: Neither Democrat or Republican

My father and Grandfather were staunch conservative Republicans. But, when Nixon did what he did I was through with the Republican party for a lifetime just like Hillary was too. I'm about the same age so I understand this. First, I became a Democrat but then realized I'm a free thinker and also saw that Republicans and Democrats often do equal good and equal damage to our country. If one party or the other permanently took control of the U.S. it would truly be awful.

But, my point of view is that Trump is even worse than Nixon was. Both were paranoid but Trump is worse because he thinks he is more important than our Bill of Rights, the Constitution or our democracy. He is vying for KING or Emperor and not president and is very upset at his lack of power (because he thought he was going to be emperor of the world). But, that was always a fantasy for anyone on earth.

So, I see Trump as the greatest threat to our democracy since Nixon was president or when Kennedy was assassinated (by whom?) or when Lincoln was assassinated. So, Trump is just the latest threat to our nation sort of like another 9-11, or Pearl Harbor.

This time they didn't use battleships, they used the Internet on us instead. But, the attack is much more devastating to the homeland because they got inside our heads and turned Democrats and Republicans against each other and this has to change soon or our country is over as a democracy!

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