Saturday, June 10, 2017

Overcoming Self Hate

If I analyze this properly, self hate is the key to most murders in the world.

People often decide to hate others who have self hate as a way to make themselves feel better about themselves. This is often what bullies (of any age young or old do for example). So, if you have been put down and made to feel bad about yourself one way you compensate is to learn to hate others more than you hate yourself.

However, if you do this it can lead eventually to suicide or murder accidentally or on purpose.

So, your survival is not based upon doing this if you want to live to an old age.

So, what is conducive to living to an old age?

Overcoming self hate (and hatred towards others) by learning compassion for yourself and all others.

However, this doesn't mean let people walk all over you either. But, maybe the solution isn't beating them up or killing them or yourself either.

Maybe the solution is to move to another city or country and start over with a new life where you aren't forced to hate yourself or others anymore.

Hatred whether towards oneself or others or both is always a vicious circle. The more you do it the worse it gets.

Love is the opposite of hate and so the more you love yourself and others the less you want to kill yourself or others.

This is also true.

So, a life based solely on revenge is a purely (suicidal-Homicidal) life because homicide and suicide are almost always tied together within the human paradigm.

And often if you can overcome suicide you can also overcome homicide as well.

So, taking personal responsibility you begin to work towards developing compassion for all others.

How do Tibetan Buddhist teach their students to have compassion for all beings.

IF you start with Buddhists believing that all beings were once their mothers whether they are human, animal or even insect or fish or fowl or bird in the sky then developing compassion for all beings is easy because there are no beings you will EVER Meet in this philosophy that were not your mother at some point in some form.

So, this is how Tibetan Buddhists train students to develop compassion for all beings in the universe in the past, present and future.

Is this true?

That of course is debatable. But, here we are specifically talking about how do we develop compassion for all sentient life in the whole universe in the past, present and future.

And if so, this is one way to do it.

By God's Grace

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