Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Portland, Oregon

I'm up near Portland now in Oregon. I could be gone up to 1 month this time from home in the SF Bay area because there are many variables in place.

On the one hand it is nice to be retired and able to have this much freedom to travel and to help other family members in various ways but at the same time I still have a life in San Francisco with my wife and younger daughter who is in college there. My son and his wife and my grandson are still overseas but hopefully they will return to the U.S. by this fall. My grandson just turned 3 and he had a birthday party and they sent photos and a short video of his party.

So, it is a little like feeling I'm all over the place but right now I'm with my daughter helping her get set up to return to the University in Portland for the fall. Then we  might travel East towards some of the northern National Parks. But, one day at a time. I usually don't enjoy traveling long distances alone so some of this will depend upon what is happening with my older daughter this summer and most especially during the next 3 weeks.

So, one day at a time as they say. I don't feel limited in any way in my life right now as my health is good after receiving a healing from Master John Douglas and the master angels and God. Life is Good! and Amazing!

The more you can help yourself so you can also help others the better life tends to get. It's not really an obsessive thing it's just thinking in compassion and kindness how you can best help yourself and all others in the most efficient and pleasant way possible.

Kindness, efficiency, helpfulness (to yourself and all others) in a pleasant way often does the trick at creating absolutely amazing ongoing solutions to seeming problems.

What saved me in 1994 and 1995 during a difficult divorce was the following saying:

"There are no problems only opportunities".

I found that if you stop worrying about your problems and only see them as opportunities this is very powerful and innovative in what happens in your mind and spirit.

So, rather than seeing them as roadblocks you see them as opportunities.

Here are some examples:

"We just broke up"

I can either have some time alone or start another relationship or travel to another city or place.

"My job ended"

I can go and do something completely different now won't that be fun?

"My parent died"

Since my parent passed away I no longer have to take care of them this is one less problem I have to deal with. My life is freed up now to do anything I want.

I can think of them being happy now on the other side and this also will make me happy.

"My kids went off to college"

I'm free to go or do anything I want or choose to but still be available when they need me.

So, you see how it works. You refuse to look at things as problems and because you do this in a deep way everything becomes an opportunity that can turn into something wonderful for you!

By God's Grace

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