Monday, June 12, 2017

Sudden enlightenment would be like turning a light on in a cave where everyone was inside screaming

This is a good example of what enlightenment does in people's lives.

Ignorance it seems is the only real thing in life that I would consider to be evil in it's ongoing effects.

Lack of birth control on earth is evil.
Starvation is evil.
Driving species (including humans extinct is evil)

So, as more and more of mankind become more enlightened in various ways it is my hope that
humans can find ways to use birth control, because ONLY with birth control regularly used by mankind in a wise way can starvation be eliminated.

It is like the lifeboat theory.

If we consider the Earth to be like a Life boat on the ocean of life then there are only so many passengers who can be on the lifeboat without it sinking.

Therefore only so many people can be on earth without everyone murdering everyone for food, water and air just like might happen on a lifeboat in the ocean with limited food, or water to drink.

In the end it is exactly the same thing.

So, to me, enlightenment is enough people understanding Earth can ONLY support so many people.

And understanding this what are we going to do so at least some of us can survive millions of years here on earth?

This only seems logical and reasonable in the normal context of everyone on earth becoming enlightened.

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