Monday, June 12, 2017

People who live in Glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Or why Obama didn't attack Russian Internet cyberstructure in response to Russia's all out cyber attack on the U.S. for years now.

It's like the title: "People who live in Glass houses shouldn't throw stones". The U.S. is completely dependent now on the Internet as a place of business not only in the U.S. now but worldwide.

So, to counterattack Russia's cyber attacks fully would only END U.S. economic viability possibly forever. Because we have 100 times as much to lose in an all out attack now than Russia does. This is something to consider if you are serious about looking at this all for real.

So, the very intstrument of present U.S. economic success, in other words:, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and all the others are exactly why Obama couldn't counterattack the Russian Cyberattack without our "glass house of business" being ended likely permanently this time.

So, the Russian Cyberattack goes on in stealing drip by drip and piece of information by piece of information and by individuals in Russia (and other nations) stealing millions in online Internet scams from the most intellectually vulnerable of our citizens (usually the retired) who don't know much about the Internet to begin with and tend to be vulnerable in losing thousands to millions of dollars that they cannot likely properly survive without (or likely can their children or grandchildren). So, this is the way it really is.

We have invented (in the U.S. and Europe and around the world) something that possibly will finally destroy potentially (all western democracies) because how we are destroyed is through our free use of the Internet in all ways worldwide.

So, in the Internet we may have invented the very instrument of the demise of all western democracies including our own.

So, for me, the interesting thing is going to be watching how the Internet either  ends or has to change during the next 20 or 30 years worldwide. If it  ends  we might just survive all this as a human race. If it only changes this might be the end of us this century.

So, we all have to wait and see what happens next.

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