Monday, June 12, 2017

Keeping a calm head while all around everyone is losing theirs is a sign of the times of those who will survive these times

Finding a way to meditate, contemplate and stay calm through the eye of the storm of the world right now is a sign of the ones who just might survive the present tsunami here on earth that we all are experiencing.

First of all, people want to blame Trump for everything wrong in the world and I think that is a complete mistake because he is only a symptom of what is really wrong.

The actual causes are three basic things: Overpopulation, Global Climate change, and an increasing technological singularity.

You might say: What about ISIS? ISIS is directly caused by overpopulation in Muslim Countries. This then leads to no jobs, no marriage in poorer men, then to drug addiction and frustration, which leads to homicide and suicide bombers and irrational soldiers killing everyone.

What about Trump?

Trump is caused by reactions like ISIS in the Middle East spilling over into Europe which then affects the psychology of some Americans too. So, Voila! Trump!

What Cause PUtin?

The Cold War ending like it did caused Putin.

From a KGB Colonel in East Berlin to the head of the KGB (now FSB) in the new Russia to President of Russia (many times now). So, the Cold War being what it was and ending like it did caused Putin to be where he is now.

World Economics?

present world economics are caused by overpopulation, Global Climate change, and an increasing
technological singularity which should peak (I wonder what that will be like?) sometime between 2030 and 2050 most likely.

Just thinking about all the men and women on earth not having driving jobs anymore (which is the most jobs held by men on earth by the way) (driving for a living) Just thinking about them all losing their jobs eventually to self driving cars and trucks makes me want to puke thinking about the damage done to so many lives.

So, finding a way to stay calm when we are in the middle of another Technological revolution here on earth is going to take a lot of patience for those of us who survive what is coming now.

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