Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Crazy Logic of Trump

Regarding the Paris Accords it goes something like this:

"The Paris Accords cause the U.S. to make less money.
Therefore the Paris Accords are interfering with Business.

Anything that interferes with Business in the U.S. is Bad.

Therefore the Paris accords are bad because they interfere with U.S. Profits."

What is wrong with this logic?

First of all it is circular logic like a snake feeding on it's own tail. So, if you use this logic then your only conclusion would be that since the Paris Accords interfere with U.S. profits then you have to withdraw from the Paris Accords.

But, what does this actually do?

It makes all countries with the exception of maybe Nicaragua and Syria think the U.S. president is insane.

2nd it interferes with U.S. business because it makes the U.S. the laughing stock and brunt of jokes of the whole world.

3rd it contributes to deaths by the millions in the coming years all over the earth as climate change becomes markedly worse.

4th it might contribute to military retaliation upon the U.S. by other countries in the future who feel we have killed millions of their people.

And does it really contribute to the profits of America?

What you get is only Blood money and blood money will always be taken away by the revenge of other countries and by the people of the United States' families whose people will die from this choice over time.

So, in the end this choice is a type of suicidal choice for the U.S.

And as usual circular logic only feeds on a itself like when a snake feeds on it's own tail.

No real long time good can ever come of it.

So, this kind of circular logic is akin to overdosing on Heroin and dying in the short and long run.

However, even crazier this choice will actually cause the deaths of so many on earth that Human extinction might be put off 1 more century at this point at least until after 2100 sometime.

So, this makes it even crazier than you and I originally thought in the first place.

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