Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The last article doesn't mean I agree with this philosophy

Because how crazy is the world that governments had to "Set Loose" Trump upon us to control human population so humans don't go extinct this century.

What we are admitting here is governments are too unrealistic to demand birth control as a way to prevent human extinction instead of having to have a president like Trump to kill so many of the human race this century (by all his decisions) both directly and indirectly.

So, how dysfunctional is the whole human race to solve their overpopulation problem in this way?

overpopulation equals lack of jobs equals Muslims can't get married equals terrorists equals a nuked world eventually or something worse equals eventual human extinction when enough people are suffering that they think nothing of taking their own lives and everyone else's too.

So, a dysfunctional overpopulated world equals eventual extinction either this century or the next.

UNLESS people find a way to organize so birth control is practiced universally, so no one has to starve, so all people alive can be fed, so wars don't have to exist anymore and no terrorists have to exist either.

In the end it is a choice we haven't made yet as a whole human race together.

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