Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why did the powers that be ALLOW Trump to become President?

If you are an educated person and logical and practical and reasonable you might think "What crazy person decided to elect Donald Trump?"

But, Truth is really much much Stranger than fiction here. The likelihood is that is is being allowed to be president by the intelligence agencies of the U.S., Russia and China.

Yes. I know this sounds crazy!

But, this likely is also true.

There are some things all BIG countries agree on, and right now it is that they don't want the human race (AND THEIR GOVERNMENTS) to go extinct anytime soon.

So, you have intelligence agency time travelers who have visited the future and found that under Hillary the human race goes extinct between 2080 and 2090. No matter how it is run through computers or any other simulation the human race goes extinct sometime between 2080 and 2090.

So, they had to figure out a way to change this and "Voila!"

Trump so reduces the population of the earth by whatever he is doing now that for every one person that dies 10 people that would have been born if Hillary was president "Don't get born".

"And because of that many of them don't become terrorists and blow up the whole world or do other things just as bad!"

But, you also notice the Intelligence agencies also are keeping Trump in check because he is also so crazy and eccentric that he might just blow up the whole world.

So, our military and intelligence agencies all know he is very dangerous and they are trying to control him so we DO not go extinct this century. But, Trump is sort of like a "Bull in a China Closet" and he might make us all extinct anyway.

Yes. It all sounds crazy but if you have ability like I do to look down timelines, this is likely what you are going to see too!

When I first saw it I couldn't believe my eyes. And then I realized what was really going on and I was completely amazed and flabberghasted. But, at least I understood the Truth of Trump.

He is our military weapon to prevent human extinction this century.

Too bad he doesn't work for the next century too!

And this is why Putin and China support Trump even though he's pretty crazy!

All three militaries realize he is their secret weapon to prevent human extinction this century!

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