Tuesday, June 13, 2017

There Are no problems ONLY Opportunities

I woke up thinking about this today and how this saying "by Living it" actually saved my life when I was in my 40s and going through a very difficult and horrific divorce on multiple levels. I had been married mostly except for maybe 2 years from 1978 to 1980 since I was 26 years old in 1974. So, then in 1994 to be divorced just didn't seem right. I lost weight because for a month I couldn't eat or sleep from everything going on. Finally, a friend said to me on the phone who had a Master's Degree in Psychology, "Fred, You have to make 'There are no problems only opportunities' your motto now to get through this."

He was absolutely right. This motto saved me when I took it to heart.

I thought of an extreme example of this this morning in applying it to being somewhere during the 2004 Tsunami when 250,000 people died from the tsunami mostly in Indonesia, Celon, India and Thailand.

IF you saw this tsunami coming at you and this was the end one might think, "Wow! I get to go to heaven and see God!" just before one's body was inundated.

This would be the most extreme example of living this motto I could presently think of that would be useful to a soul.

At the time this Tsunami Actually occurred I knew this earthquake was going to hit (but I didn't know WHERE on earth so I was pretty worried the whole month of December 2004 as I watched the heaven realms come closer to earth than they ever had before in my lifetime. Just before thousands of people die heaven realms come much nearer to earth at times like those.

But, in more normal times, crises like "I lost my job!", "My relative or lover or friend died!" ,"My girlfriend left me!", "Someone I know and love and can't imagine living without moved away!"

When any or all of these things (or other things difficult to process) happen in your life think about making "There are no problems only opportunities" your motto in your life too.

By the way, within 1 1/2 years of this friend giving me this motto he was one of my two best friends that I had as two best men at my wedding to my present wife at the Chapel in Yosemite National Park in December 1995.

So, let me tell you this motto really works. Though I almost died from a heart virus in  1998 and 1999 4 years later, I was able to retire instead of dying because "God Moves in Mysterious Ways" and by a series of miracles I'm still alive now here in 2017 now at age 69. I'm close with all my biological children and my present marriage is amazing.

So, just remember this motto for crises and just for everyday wise living, "There are NO problems there are ONLY opportunities!"

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