Monday, June 12, 2017

My experiences with the Archangels have continued since I was 2 when they saved my life from Whooping cough

At 2 it seemed pretty important to them to save my then young life so they came to me in a ball of white fire while my Grandmother sang "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" so I'm thinking it must have been Christmas. But, that wasn't the end of my experiences with them. Often I would see Archangel Michael standing near me warning of some danger sort of like the way an uncle or maybe a Grandfather or Father would do.

So, it seemed very important to them that I continue to stay alive. My experiences with the Archangels have continued since I was 2 when they saved my life from Whooping cough
I'm very grateful for all the help but I also know "Those to whom much is given much is expected". So, I know there are reasons why some of us are saved "By the Grace of God" over and over again throughout our lives.

Mostly it is because many of us are trained to help others 24 hours a day in various ways. Mostly it is just by staying calm and centered so your aura becomes a beacon of light to all mankind as you pass by wherever you are on earth. This I have been aware of a lot.

When I was in India and Nepal for 4 months in 1985 and 1986 I learned a lot about what spirituality really is beyond what we tend to learn about here in the U.S. generally speaking.

Sometimes by going to other countries you figure out things you never knew existed before that are very helpful to all mankind.

Lineage is very important regarding blessings passed down through the centuries from the time of Christ and before for example. It is unbelievably important and powerful.

By lineage I'm talking about "master to student, master to student, master to student" from 2000 to 10,000 or more years. This is both amazingly powerful in unbelievable ways and very important to the longevity of the Human Race as well. Long Term.

This is one of the things I learned of the old ways from 2000 and more years ago in Jesus and Buddha's time for example.

Just remember if God's Grace is upon you and yours that God expects a lot from you in ways you might not expect so be ready for anything 24 hours a day.

IF the archangels make themselves known to you your life usually is being saved. you are being rescued that's the best way to put it from things you might not understand.

By God's Grace

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