Thursday, June 8, 2017

Watching our nation unravel on TV isn't fun

I suppose if you aren't an American you might enjoy all our institutions of Democracy be diminished and be happy about this. So, maybe Putin and ISIS and Assad of Syria and the like are going to be happy at the destruction of our system of government and governance from within.

But, those of us who have studied about how our government works often from childhood in American history in Grade School and Junior High and High School and then College since Trump was elected and sworn in as president (at least people who are educated enough) knew Trump was going to be a disaster for our democratic form of Government simply because he isn't capable of being ruled by laws because of being a Billionaire who buys the law always instead of being subject to it.

So, 50 years of "Buying the Law" aren't likely to be broken over night. So, since he is the first President Billionaire we are suffering from this a lot in regard to the degradation of our institutions one by one (from the Inside).

Our government isn't being attacked by an army of tanks or missiles but from words and Internet and Fake news Attacks from within and without America.

Is the problem really Trump or the times we live in?

If Trump resigns or is even impeached do the problems just go away?


IN fact they are likely to just get much worse every day and every hour.

Could shutting down the Internet at this point completely solve all our problems?

I'm not sure even doing that would help at this point because the damage has already been done.

Shutting down the Internet would just economically cripple all nations whose business is built through the Internet shipping model at this point.

So, it is the very times we live in with global warming and terrorism and an ungovernable internet killing us directly and indirectly that we likely are going to have to live with in some way
that at least marginally works for us.

So, if Trump is gone this really solves nothing. Because he is only a symptom of the problems not the root of problem itself.

But, having him gone would make us all probably feel a whole lot better so we could at least get on with our lives.

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