Thursday, June 8, 2017

What I find odd about all this is Comey is a Republican that likely voted for Trump in the first place

So, you have someone like Comey who is someone trying to LIVE by the rules.

Then you have Trump who has always made his own rules as much as money could buy them

(which is a very different thing than Comey).

And you have two professed Republicans going at it now in the public Court of the Senate.

You have Comey saying that Trump was not a subject of the Russian investigation then (when he was fired) but that doesn't mean that his firing

Didn't make Trump the subject of present investigations into Obstruction of Justice investigations by the House, the Senate, the FBI and by Mueller (etc. etc. etc.).

So, all we know right now is that Trump was not the subject of an investigation into the whole Russia thing (when Comey was fired) (even though we know many of his administration were and probably more now are being presently investigated and need desperately to be mortgaging their houses or their parents houses to lawyer up if they haven't already).

So, it is likely that because of potential "obstruction of Justice" investigations that Trump inadvertently wandered into his own mine field of his own making by putting his nose where it was illegal to be (or potentially illegal to be).

It is easy to see how a business man would do this through basic ignorance of how our system is designed and operated.

Because it is not based upon being an emperor of your own company but something entirely different

It is based not only upon chain of command but also of Laws and rules which Trump has always sought to circumvent through bribing or threatening to sue  people throughout his career.

So, what worked in business ONLY serves to destroy the infrastructure of the entire U.S. government now!

Can you see Putin smiling at the damage he has already done to our infrastructure of our U.S. government?

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