Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What sport did skateboarding spring from?

 Though surfing had been around for a long time in Hawaii it came to the Mainland rather slowly but even in the 1930s it began on the west coast of the U.S. in places like Santa Cruz and Santa Monica in California with the huge and very heavy wooden long boards. They weren't maneuverable and they were dangerous but this is where it started on the mainland of the U.S. during the 1930s. My ex-wife's father was one of these surfers before he joined the Navy during World War II as a Naval officer in the Pacific Theater of the war then. 

However, then around 1960 when I was 12 skateboards were first seen by me to be made by boys in Junior High School, (my age). They took a piece of wooden 2 by 4 stud about a foot long and nailed or screwed it to a separated pair of clip on roller skates made of metal then. I saw friends with these 1 foot versions that were ONLY a 2 by 4 nailed or screwed to the skates at first. However, within a few months of this breakthrough boys in Wood shop in Junior High were fashioning their wooden surfboard shaped skate boards and this is how it actually started where I was in Glendale. It was boys trying something new in Junior High school. Then it went all sorts of directions from there from 1960 onwards. It was happening among boys everywhere in the Los Angeles Area (the whole county) because of surfing fever and it was thought then to make you a better surfer in the water too.
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What sport did skateboarding spring from?
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Anecdotal evidence indicates that kids in both the US and Europe rode on homemade skateboards as early as the 1940s. But it was surfers in California who took the idea of ‘sidewalk surfing’ to new levels, as a way to ‘surf’ when waters were too calm.

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