Saturday, June 24, 2017

WP: Trump is struggling to stay calm on Russia, one morning at a time

partial quote from: above article title from the Washington Post:

"Frustration with the investigation stews inside of him until it bubbles up in the form of rants to aides about unfair television commentary or as slights aimed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions or as slights and his deputy, Rod J. Rosenstein.

Some in the White House fret over what they view as the president's fits of rage, and Trump's longtime friend say his mood has been more sour than at any point since they have known him. They privately worry about his health, noting that he appears to have gained weight in recent months and that the darkness around his eyes reveals his stress.

The calls--detaled by three senior White House officials-- are part strategy part consultation and part presidential venting session, during which Trump's lawyers and public relations gurus take turns reviewing the latest headlines with him.

They also devise their plan for battling his avowed enemies: the special counsel leading the Russia investigation; the "fake news" media chronicling it; and, in some instances, the president's own justice department overseeing the probe."

end quote from Washington post.

My take on all this is we have a president slipping into a deeper form of depression and mental illness than before, moving into paranoia and dysfunctionality. However, Trump is a fighter so don't rule anything out just yet.

However, my thought is that Trump has bitten off more than he can chew. Being Blackmailed by Putin like he likely is is a no win and likely Trump will die in office because of the added stress of Putin pulling his strings in whatever way he is actually doing that through blackmail.

I wouldn't want to be Trump right now for all the money in the world. And what happens when Trump flips out completely or dies in office? What happens then because if you have lived as long as I have this is exactly where I see this all going right about now!

However, in the end which is more important? The future of the United States of America or whether Trump dies in office?

Just think about this for a moment. JFK was assassinated (I was alive then: 15 ). Martin Luther King and JFK's brother were assassinated. It was completely crazy then and it didn't STOP being so crazy until Nixon resigned about 10 or more years later!

Are we in for this kind of craziness or worse once again?

The point I'm making is: There is incredible fear and confusion that takes place whether a president is assassinated like JFK or whether one dies in office like Trump likely will at this point.

In other words it is feasible that if Trump died in office now there could be civil war in America especially in the Southern States that support him so much.

This is the first president who has a Southern White house (in Florida at Mar lago) since Bush II in Texas with his ranch there.

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