Wednesday, April 25, 2018

a mind control experiment gone Awry at the University

I was taking a Social Psychology Class at UCSC in Santa Cruz around 1990 and the professor said he was going to conduct an experiment in Social Psychology to show just how powerful and dangerous Social Psychology was in the world.

He said, "One section of our class is going to be put upon with negative feedback loops to see if this lessons your abilities to succeed in this class and the whole class will benefit to see the difference between the different sections. Another section will be given positive feedback and all the other sections will be neutral as a way to gauge no mind control at all."

I think you have guessed by now I was in the negative feedback loop section of the class.

Note: if you haven't been to a large university the biggest classes can be 500 to 1000 people. With a class this big you never almost never get to speak with your professor because he or she might have 5 or 6 1000 person classes or 500 person classes. So, you are broken down into sections of people with what is called a Teaching assistant who you can ask questions to instead. These groups are usually around 25 to 50 people each and you meet separately in addition to your main lecture class.

By the middle of this class I was having all sorts of problems. I cannot speak for anyone else in the class and when I had to drop the class the professor personally apologized to me that the negative feedback had had such a bad effect on my experience. I told him I had to drop all my classes because of family problems which was true. I never really got to see the final results so I cannot say what they were. However, if my experience was any indication of what was going on there many other people were victims of negative mind control through Social psychology too.

So, in studying Social Psychology it is mostly about brainwashing your public to do whatever you want them too. If you want them to fail you condition them one way. If you want them to vote one way you condition them another way. Usually ones best outcome in manipulating people is done through entertainment (like infomercials) where people's minds can be scrambled the easiest. But, religions have been doing the same thing to people for 10,000 years or more too. So, the techniques of mind control have always been there and just called other things for thousands of years.

And the more emotionally vulnerable and the less common sense and the more problems people are dealing with, or the more egotistical they are, the easier it is to manipulate them to do almost anything you want them too.

For example, Trump because of his big ego would be one of the easiest people to manipulate of all because of his very big ego that he needs to feed all the time.

So, people seek power and money and position from him often to the detriment of everyone in the U.S. and around the world.

You would just have to know what to say around him: "Much like Macron of France".

However, it would be very logical for any world leader to protect their country from harm by doing this realistically.

However, at what cost to everyone on earth?

So, this is the way the world has always been and it's just getting worse every year now in regard to intelligent unscrupulous people and what they are willing to do to everyone for money and power around the world.

Mind Control in the end might cause the extinction of the human race I'm thinking.

So, be on your guard for it wherever it comes from!

Right now the biggest threat to human survival on earth comes through companies like Facebook and Google and 1000s of others.

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