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Reprint from 2009 of "Flame's Land Suit"

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Flame's Land Suit

I have experienced some kind of breakthrough in perception. Normally, in my life I tend to anthropomorphize everything just like most people. So, when I have telepathed with some living thing I tend to give it human like tendencies. I suppose this is common to most people who are capable like myself of communication with all living things including machinery, planets, stars etc.

Since my contact with the octopus in a public Aquarium I have found myself capable of experiencing a beings thoughts more in the context of how that being perceives reality. This, likely has come because I feel safe in my own skin as a human. In other words I have finally lived long enough to feel safe as a human on earth. I guess it has taken 60 years to get to this place. However, I can see many advantages to this new way of perceiving reality.

This morning as I was slowly waking up I, for some reason was thinking of Flame's land suit. Now, if you don't know who Flame is, briefly, he is a 10 foot tall Octopus from the future that has been genetically designed by future humans on earth. After his species is sent with robotics to a water world to convert it for human use some disease local to the planet kills humans. However, the octopi aren't affected because they live under the water. Some survive without their human keepers and over thousands of years reprogram their robot helpers to keep their species alive and eventually the octopi build spacecraft and spacesuits like the one I will describe.

When Flame first told me about his size (10 feet tall) and his Land suit filled with constantly oxygenated sea water(sort of like a giant aquarium capable of movement on land) I equated it with a human space suit sort of. However, I realized today that this is not the case. By thinking like an octopus species I realized that the design would not be human like in any way. The needs of an octopus are completely different than a human. First of we have a skeleton as humans and and octopus doesn't. So a human type of suit wouldn't support an octopus on land because it has no skeleton. Second, an octopus lives under water so would just be a blob lying on the land out of water and would soon die in that condition. So, the artificial suit must be like a mobile sea water aquarium that allows mobility over any terrain with use of arms to build and manipulate things in an air environment. Though there are many variations of this, this is the one that Flame shared with me. The suit is also a device like a little car or ATV that can fly if it needs to. So to call it a suit is not entirely correct. What would be correct is that it is something that someone advanced in Flame's culture would use for transport in sea, land, air or space. It has a mothership which is constructed like a giant aquarium in space that mates directly with Flame's all terrain(including water), all air and all space vehicle. What I was shown has both arms that can extend similar to human or robotic arms as well as the capacity to use the octopus arms through a permeable glove like device to manipulate objects outside his suit like all terrain,all air,all water, all space vehicle.

Trying to envision the specific needs of a space traveling, time traveling octopus 10 feet tall was a little bit of a stretch even for me but I think I have finally succeeded in describing what he showed me.

Flame also said that he brought this ATV type of land,air,water, space vehicle under the ocean near Kahului, Hawaii. He said today that all beings who visit earth from other planets prefer the ocean because humans don't spend much time under 500 feet below the ocean surface. So, if they aren't wandering around pretending to be humans or animals they usually sleep under the ocean in their ships(if they sleep) when visiting Galactic Earth Park. Humans and their societies are part of the ride, just like bears and deer in Yosemite National Park would be for us. Most Galactics find visiting earth very peaceful and quaint and renewing kind of experience.

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