Thursday, April 26, 2018

We might have to retroactively change time regarding AI like we have changed time regarding nukes since 1945

This is my thought today. I hadn't fully considered this before. But, Artificial intelligence like Time Travel (imagine an artificial intelligence robot with sentience like I write about in purple Delta 7 who time travels) is problematic on various different levels.

If you are interested in how Purple Delta 7 evolves into a 5 billion year old self evolving sentient robot who can take on literally ANY form from a rock that fits into your hand to the size of a planet or the most beautiful woman or man you have ever seen here are some of the buttons where things I wrote about this are:

In the Protectors Jonathan Flow after writing the Memories series about actual experiences he has had through time and other lifetimes through reincarnation, realizes he needs a body guard so the Galactic Sentience and His Oneness Time Lord of Earth Choose Purple Delta 7 and Sargent Mark 3 who is a soldier who is a plasma being who grew up inside a sun. IN 2035 we see how Purple Delta 7 was born originally as a clone of Silver's mind. In Purple Delta 7 mostly is short vignettes of her experiences.

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