Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Through the years a Soul traveler discovers from experience: "That the whole universe is inside the mind of God"

Though this is one explanation for it there might be others also. For example, 3 dimensionality might be technologically generated and be similar to what you would see on a Flat Screen 3d TV. What are our physical bodies then?

I would have to say our physical bodies are actually more like the cars and trucks we drive every day than anything else. When we need a rest we simply climb out of our cars and trucks and go lay down and go to sleep and dream. Similar to what humans do with their bodies every single day.

And having experienced sleep deprivation for around 30 days or more after my burst appendix laparoscopic surgery, I would say the single most horrific thing I personally experienced that year WAS Sleep deprivation for 30 days caused by one of the tools of that operation that they place into your airways to prevent dying of reflux during your operation while you are unconscious.

Another explanation of what the universe is would be to say it is not really physical but resident in the mind of a being. You might call the being God but maybe this being is our Soul parent and this is how we are taught to learn about free will.

So, there are many potential explanations of what I have experienced as a soul traveler traveling this galaxy and others mostly during 1970 to the 1980s.

Around 1980 (after about 10 years of conscious soul travel including off planet) I realized somehow that I was already everywhere. This changed even how I perceived Soul travel because I realized it was effortless to go anywhere because I was already there.

But, remember this took me 10 years after God gave me permission to Soul travel with the angels throughout this galaxy and others and through many heaven realms too.

Whether you believe any of this or not is entirely up to you.

However, once I had gone through the paradigm shift and almost had a heart attack or stroke from realizing I was out of my body walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And when I tried to turn the light on and my whole arm went through the physical wall I knew i was in trouble.

After that my paradigm as a human being began to change a lot.

And then the completion was asking God for a better experience where I didn't almost die.

God Granted my wish about a month later in Rancho Bernardo. This was around 1970 or so then while I was attending college at Palomar College where I attended through the summer of 1973.

So, if I want to be anywhere in time or space I just imagine myself there and I am. However, it is more tricky than this because many places are not safe to be like this. So, usually I don't do this unless I'm surrounded by angels and doing God's Work because a couple of times I was scared pretty bad just exploring without full authorization.

But I also survived that by invoking Archangel Michael and the Archangels who came and rescued me.

By God's Grace

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