Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bill Cosby's conviction is a victory only for Racism and Elder abuse (at this point)


Until people like Weinstein and Trump and other white folks are in jail for their crimes too this is only a victory for Racism against a black man and nothing else. I don't see it as a victory for "Me Too" at this point but only another victory for Trump style Racism. Trump style racism is specifically against Blacks, Mexicans, and maybe Asians in General and all Muslims, especially certain Muslim countries.

So, until Trump and Weinstein and all the rest are in jail this is ONLY racism to me. And much of the country agrees with me. It equates to innocent men being executed who are black and this has been happening ever since this country began. I'm not saying that Cosby is innocent. It's just the way it went it seems to me like Racial and Elder abuse.

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