Monday, April 30, 2018

Tears: Meditation on Impermanence

In my living room in my large built in book shelf that takes up one wall there are two buddhas. One is the normal style you see but a second "Copper Buddha" sits with the ashes of our three dogs who have passed away in little wooden boxes on the same shelf as the "Copper Buddha" in the Style of a Thailand Buddha. I was sitting in the kitchen after coming close to death this week myself and saw 3 of our dogs (one who died within two months ago) and tears starting going down my cheeks as I experienced God giving me a powerful powerful meditation of impermanence in my own life. As the tears came down my cheeks I felt myself becoming a better person and thinking what I could do to make a difference before I died (whether that is tomorrow or 1000 years from now or 10,000 years from now.

So, experiencing impermanence can make you a better person.

In India Gurus would often make their students watch a human body decompose for several months on the streets to teach them impermanence on the way to becoming a true master.

However, here in in the U.S. I think most Americans in present day would just go insane from sitting next to a corpse for 2 or 3 months while it decomposed there and was eaten by worms, flies, vultures etc.

So, I'm not recommending this for someone from Europe or the U.S. or any western Culture because death is so hidden from us in our cultures that insanity likely would be the only logical result because of our conditioning.

But, for me, today, seeing the little wooden boxes of the cremated remains of our 3 pets that have died since about 2005, 2015 and a couple of months ago was enough to bring me to tears because of my own near death experience this last week.

And this is a good thing and will inevitably make me a much better person ongoing.

By God's Grace

Buddha Bless you

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