Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The 425 point drop in the stock market is partly because of reduced Advertising revenue over privacy on Facebook and Google and others

Here's the point. People around the world are finally "Just beginning" to understand just how "information Raped" the world has gotten in regard to themseleves, their children, their grandchildren, their families, their friends (All over the world).

So, Google and Facebook and 1000 other companies who function just like Google and FAcebook that are basically "Free Information harvesting companies" who make money on selling your information to mostly advertisers, are in jeapordy now that people are starting to catch on that "

"NOTHING IS REALLY FREE" and that people are paying with "THEIR PRIVACY" to be on Facebook at all. And Google has just stolen "All the click locations since they have been on the Internet ever through Google Search. (As well as every location their android phone has ever been around the world). As well as anyone who has a google (gmail.com) email address and they keep a record of all emails (in their entirety) even ones you thought you deleted!

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