Thursday, April 26, 2018

For bloggers: Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

I realized today that if you have been a blogger for 1 year or more already you likely already know this. Unless you experiment with how to do certain things (because the Internet everywhere is constantly changing in many different ways, "It is really easy to get lost in the shuffle of the many changes".

For example, If you encounter strange subroutines you have never seen before in an unusual context it could mean anything. But, for you as a blogger mostly it becomes, "How can I get the best information to my readers worldwide?" And if you are asking yourselves this question then you experiment to try to do this every day you are blogging.

It's no different really than if you don't try driving the latest cars with the latest technology then one day you won't be able to drive anything made after 1970 (or whatever year you stop experimenting by renting different models.

For example, I find I don't like Fob Cars without regular keys at all. Why?

Because if you don't just leave your fob in your pocket likely you are going to lose it in the car and then you really are going to have problems.

Another thing I don't like about Fobs is when you walk outside your car I like to test the doors to make sure it is locked. You cannot do this with many fobs because if you are within 12 feet of the car with the Fob you can usually open the doors which I also don't like.

You might say to me, "Well, you just have to adapt don't you?"

I'd actually rather not.

It's true I will use the Fobs on a rental car at some location on earth or I will use the fob on a car someone like a friend or relative loans me somewhere on earth. But, I'm never going to Buy a Fob Car because a Fob car usually is Hackable through the Internet which means it could be remotely driven and anyone on board could die in such a hacking.

Just like I don't want to own a Self Driving or Hybrid Car for the same reasons. Mostly because they are able to be hacked remotely (theoretically or actually) (either one I don't like).

However, then again if I got old and felt I wasn't safe driving a car anymore I might buy a self driving car to get around.

So, in life there are always many many options if you are intelligent enough to use them.

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