Wednesday, April 25, 2018

If a 3 dimensional universe exists inside the mind of God only then what is real?

It appears that only BEING is actually real. The way I see it is that God is playing all our parts.

It's sort of like if you were a gamers computer programmer playing games and then the programmer (GOD) plays all the parts and is entertained by playing all the parts that interest him or her or it in any given moment. But, even the word "moment" or "Time" and "space" are rules of the game and not real either.
(Because all their is is Being and States of Consciousness in actuality.)

When I discovered this for sure it made me nauseated until I realized to stay in a physical body here on earth at all I had to at least pretend the earth and life here is real as we all might believe it is.

However, it is not ultimately real it is sort of like everyone is hypnotized by a description of time and space and we all communicate with the accepted cultural norms and religions of wherever we live on earth but actually "NONE" of it is actually real.

However, don't tell most people this because it would upset them.

It would be like telling a pre-schooler that one day they would have to go to work for at least 40 years and then get a gold watch and then die. It isn't useful and might really mess  up some child like people who can't deal with actual reality.

So, I would say that 90% to 95% of the people on this planet wouldn't want to know the truth of all this.

However, then like scientists would say, "There are many many levels of Truth."

For example, there is the truth of a philosopher

There is the truth of a theologian

There is the truth of a Lawyer or politician

There is the truth of a doctor

There is the truth of a mother or a father

Which truth do you pick as our own?

Or do you pick another one entirely?

From my point of view I sort of pick "ALL Truths" of everyone because those truths that are useful to one or more people might also be useful to me one day (even though I might not agree with any of them).

So, What is truth?

And is actual truth about anything really useful to you at all because you don't "Give a Shit!"

IT's true life can be difficult but with enough effort it also can be a whole lot of fun (from my point of view).

By God's Grace

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