Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hope and Love are Four Letter words

Hope and Love are the essence of life itself. If you add gratitude to Hope and love you have a Holy Trinity of what brings meaning to life and what maintains life itself in a human body here on earth.

When you lose Hope or Love or Gratitude life begins to end for that person. The end can be temporary or permanent (as in the death of a physical body here on earth)

I have "Died to self" many times where Hope and Love and Gratitude were all gone for awhile in my life. However, God and life provided many rebirths for me along the way. Sometimes all you have left is will power and the strength of your genetics left and in a country like the United States where you might eat a healthy diet, and have health care that could ultimately lead to living to 100 years of age or more.

This last year my wife lost four of her people from her family who were between 90 and 98 which was difficult for her because if you love someone it doesn't matter how old they become, they still have a place in your heart. So, whether they were just born or whether thy are 98 like one of them it is still a great loss either way.

Some people swear a lot using 4 letter words and some people don't.

The two most important 4 letter words in English are Hope and Love for maintaining life in body and mind of a human being (or in any living being).

And "Gratitude is the 3rd word that a "Good Life" cannot be without.

By God's Grace

So Whether you are an ongoing "Lazarus" who dies and is brought back many many times in your life or whether you die only once, Hope, Love and Gratitude are the holy trinity of longevity.

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