Monday, April 30, 2018


What this meant in the 1960s and 1970s.

I was writing some comments on an article I quoted and published here recently and to to thinking about how the word "F***it" might not have the same meaning it did then.

What it meant then was often considered to be the "marijuana Attitude" which was:

If I don't finish College: F***it
If I don't get the job .      F***it
If I don't get the girl       F***it

In other words if things don't go the way I'm attached to I'm not going to Kill myself: F***it

It was very much involved in dealing with failures in your life without offing yourself. This is why this attitude can keep people alive who care too much to stay alive with their failures.

In life you learn much much more from your failures than you ever do from Success. In some ways Success too early can be completely counterproductive to you being a whole person in your life ever.

So, hitting failures when you are young might lead you to suicide if you have been trained that you cannot survive without succeeding every single time.

But, if you are dead you aren't going to succeed at anything ever are you?

So, surviving your failures is the key to success.

Because your failures (if you are smart) will usually teach you how to succeed. And we live in a country built on people who don't stop trying ever!

People go to college in their 80s and 90s here too and at every age from about 16 years old until they pass on.

Use your failures in life to become a success.

What is a success?

It is different for every single person in the end.

What is your definition of success?

Can you survive your definition of success?

If not you are dead. So, if you cannot survive your definition of success then you are just dead and stupid and nothing else.

So, maybe redefine your definition of success so you don't have to kill yourself?

Think about how narrow your criterea is.

In the end it matters Zero what anyone else thinks. It's what you think that counts.

Besides if you live long enough they will all be dead and you will still be around.

Something to think about!

All the people that made me feel so bad about myself and my life that I wanted to kill myself are all dead now from old age.

I'm alive and they have all died.

You are the one who is important here, not them.

If you buy into other people's criteria for you then you will kill yourself.

Instead become captain of your own ship and master of your own destiny.

F*** ALL those people driving you to suicide!

This is the attitude it takes to live on in Spite of all their bullshit!

Don't kill yourself! Get angry enough to survive all the idiots in your life!

F*** them! Stay Alive!

F*** their attitudes that almost killed you!

Be Strong! Stay alive!

For your sake, your parents sake and your friends sake!

Stay Alive!

Get Angry enough to be self disciplined like a soldier to stay alive through the hell times to something better.

My 20s were pretty difficult but my 30s were wonderful because I had learned enough about myself and the world to be happy raising my children. F*** people whoever they are whose ideas and attitudes are killing your.

Get Angry enough to survive their B******t. Be a captain of your own ship and a master of your own destiny.

Get Angry enough to stay alive in spite of all the idiots in your life!

Go your Own Way! Be Free and a Free Thinker. Don't take wooden nickels.

Be a captain of your own ship and master of your own destiny!

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