Friday, April 27, 2018

Movie outfits trying to get your children's information to store and sell

When you go into a theater and it says something like: Free popcorn or free drinks or free movies this isn't really true.

What they want is your children's information like Facebook does. It might sound good to a child or teen or even to an uninformed adult but actually you are just giving them your information, in other words

1. Your name
2. your age
3. your phone number or your age or both
4. possibly your address.
5. likely your email address and maybe even more
What is the problem with this?

Often it is enough information for someone to start a fake ATM or Credit Car in your name. This is the real problem with this besides them selling this information to third parties like Facebook still does "no matter what they tell you".

Remember, one of the easiest things criminals like to do is to start a credit card in a child's name under 15 or 16 years of age.

Because people won't be looking for this or having credit checks on their children's credit because they aren't using it yet.

So, it is not Free popcorn, Free Drinks or free movies. You are paying with your life is the best way to say this.

Nothing on the internet is free really ever. You are always paying a price for everything even if you cannot see it.

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