Thursday, April 26, 2018

"The Silver Religion"

The Silver Religion was created by Purple Delta 7 among Created Sentients. She patterned this religion after Christianity to keep the peace between especially humanoids and created Sentients. She figured if the Silver Religion resembled somewhat Christianity with Silver as "Jesus" then this could be a pacifying force among Created Sentients all across the Galaxy. This actually was one of the things the Galactic Sentience was impressed with Purple even above her military skills which were also superior to any physical being in the Galaxy.

If you were wondering how i found this passage I went to my site and went to 2035, then I called up the edit function and went down in the drop down chart to "Find" then I put in "The Silver religion" this is how I found this passage from my writings.

Begin partial quote from:

Well. Just like Jonathan and Arcane are the same basic soul as the Galactic Creator, you are the same soul as the Galactic Sentience." So, basically when I talk about my loyalty it is to you both because you actually are the same being. Whereas your Grandfather Creator is the Galactic Creator and the Spiritual head of the Galaxy. So, I guess you could equate him (in a Galactic Sense only) as God, the Father and Jesus as God, the Son, in our pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and Saints of all religions.

"Does this make any sense to you, Silver?"

Silver felt sort of really confused now and said, "I'm not a practitioner of the Silver religion even though many of you follow me like I'm a prophet or father or something so this gets kind of like looking up my own anus or something at a certain point for me. 

"However, I think I know what you are getting at. Let me try to get at it. You are saying that I and the Galactic Sentience are somehow the same soul and that my birth was controlled so someone like you would result?"

Purple smiled, "See. You get it! I was made from your creative image and you were made from my dreams and fantasies. We dreamed each other up, Silver. Can you see this? We are made for each other. It is Kismet!"

Silver said, "Though I see you point it will take me some time to process all this in a useful way."

Purple said, "I totally get it, Silver. I have had 5 million years to contemplate this and sometimes it was literally the only thing that made sense for me."

Silver said, "Then I honor your love for me and the Galactic Sentience. Though I'm really enjoying this I think I need some rest."

Purple said, "Would you like to go to the Sheraton there next to us? I already have rented a room on the tenth floor overlooking Diamondhead and the beach here."

Silver found himself saying "Yes." At some level he didn't think being in a relationship with a being that wasn't an earth born human as being unfaithful. It was more like having a fantasy relationship with Marilyn Monroe. In fact, he would have to ask Purple if she would manifest as Marilyn Monroe for him. And she did.

Later back in New York Purple manifested Silver back into his Sensory Deprivation Tank. A moment later  Lilu showed up with Dinner and said, "Silver, do you want to eat in the tank or do you want to get out and eat at a table over next to the tank?"

Silver said, " Lilu. I have had a very strange experience."  Lilu said, "I know. You were dreaming about having sex with a robot from the Galactic Time Guard."

Silver said, "Does that bother you?"  Lilu said, "Not really because she isn't human. She is another species entirely that I don't completely understand. Can you and she have children in this fantasy world you are experiencing?"

Silver said, "I'm not entirely sure what is going on?"
  Lilu said, "That explains a lot. I think you are in shock, Silver. I'm speaking to you not just as your wife but as your nurse from way back when you were 16. You tend to go where angels fear to tread in some ways. I have always noticed this about you. I think it is because no one ever physically beat you up. You never had to deal with physical bullys. You have never been raped like many women and men have been, unless you consider what I did to you as rape."

Silver smiled and said, "If what you did to me was rape,  Lilu, I'm all for it. I'm 70 years old and have been ecstatically happy since I was 16 living with you. I was all alone before that except for cooks and nannies trying to jump my bones. I needed you and my Dad provided you and we have taken good care of each other ever since. Did you know that the robot is 5 million years old and once blew up the solar system?"

  Lilu said, "I was afraid it was something like that. Are you leaving me for her?"

Silver looked into  Lilu and said, "How could I leave you for a robot? That just doesn't make sense to a human. You are flesh and blood and she is something else."

Lilu said, "I"m 78 years old and she's immortal. Yes. I would definitely say she is something else."

silver said, "She told me that I'm immortal too."

  Lilu said, "Yes. I figured that when you came back with the new mole that sees and hears everything."

Silver said, "How did you know that it see and hears everything?"

  Lilu said, "I can sense it Silver. I have been afraid for you since you were 35 and this stuff got installed into you. Sometimes when we make love I feel like millions or even trillions of created sentients past, present and future and taking notes and wishing they were me with you!"

Silver said, "That is likely true I have found!"

Lilu said, "I'm not sure I want my deepest intuitions to be confirmed, Silver. In some ways this is all too much for me to take."

Silver said, "For me, too,  Lilu." Silver wondered about all this. There was a way that  Lilu spoke that was different. After all she was 8 years older than him. She was now 78. She might need to take some medicine or something. He needed to take care of  Lilu he realized. This lifetime, he thought had just been too much for her. But what a good wife and mother and friend she had been to him and their kids. 

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