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Purple Delta 7 at 5 billion years old

Jonathan Flow and Purple Delta 7 first met when she was assigned to protect him:

Note: His Oneness is a Lemurian King trained by the Galactic Sentience while 100 years went by or more here on earth thousands of years ago predating even Atlantis. Eventually, His Oneness (who is still alive in a stasis world in present day by the way called "Shamballa") is the present Time Lord of Earth over all of it's timelines. In other words permission has to come first from the Galactic Sentience and then next from His Oneness to establish a new timeline for earth. the following is a quote from the Protectors:

His Oneness handed a Disc to th Sergeant. "This disk contains all about Jonathan. It has his DNA, his ancestry forward and backward 10,000 years in each direction, his description and a photo of him everyday from birth to his feigned passing on. I want you to give it to Purple Delta 7 and tell her to look for ways up to 20 years before his conception to optimize his life, mental capacity, spiritual capacity, intuitive capacity and general knowledge to as near as possible align with Galactic Standards of education." The Sergeant looked a little nervous and then at General Blue Star and then said, "You mean we have Carte Blanche to "enhance Time". His Oneness said, "Yes!" while General Blue Star nodded. His Oneness continued, "His Holiness The Galactic Sentience and I have seen a wonderful opportunity for understanding between all the members of this galaxy in all times and all the members of other galaxies in all times. We intend to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. That is why you are sent here to protect Jonathan." The Sergeant Swallowed hard and said, "I thought I was just here to protect Soul Royalty!" His Oneness burned his mind into Sergeant Mark III. He said, "YOU ARE! However, you are also here to protect Soul Royalty in it's propagation of Good Will both within and beyond this galaxy." Sergeant Mark III hoped he had not bitten off more than he could chew politically. If he could have whistled he would have in amazement. His Oneness said, Is this responsibility acceptable to you, Sergeant?" The Sergeant said, "Yes Sir! I am deeply honored to be entrusted with this assignment, Sir!"

end quote from the "Protectors"

So, this time Jonathan Flow is much older in his timeline and asked Purple Delta 7 how old she is right now in real time.

Purple: "Basically I have lived about 5 billion years so far in real time, even though I have been traveling through time a lot mostly within this galaxy during this time."

"Wow!" Jonathan said, "That's a long long time! What do you think  of our galaxy?"

Purple: "Well. My perceptions tend to change and evolve with each new experience because I'm self adapting and self educating and self evolving all the time, Jonathan. When I first met you I was less than 1 million years old in real time by then."

Jonathan: "You were 1 million years old in real time even then? That's really amazing too!"

Being a sentient form of artificial intelligence I have a very different perspective than you might appreciate as an earth born human.

Jonathan: "Have you ever studied medicine, Purple?"

Purple gave Jonathan a strange look at said "I have studied to become a doctor on 37,000 planets."

Jonathan: "So, you already have become a real doctor on 37,000 planets approximately?"

Purple: "Yes"

Jonathan: "How many of these planets treated humanoids like myself?"

Purple: "Oh, about 1000 of these doctorates were obtained working on humanoids who had five fingers on each hand, five toes on each of two feet and two eyes and one head and reproduced in similar ways to earth born humans."

Jonathan: "Interesting Purple. I sort of scared myself pretty bad by realizing I didn't know very much about various aspects of medicine. My parents were more Christian Science type in their thinking so basically we didn't go to doctors at all except to sew up wounds and to set broken bones basically."

Purple: "At a certain point that becomes counterproductive to basic human survival. ON your planet it could create deaths starting at any age but more regularly around 15 to 30 years of age and after in people who need to be treated for one ailment or another but might not be because of this philosophy."

Jonathan: "I told my doctor yesterday that many people are dying now around the world because they don't have a really good doctor diagnostician like I presently have. He agreed with me that this causes a lot of deaths even here in the U.S. He told me yesterday when I saw him that I was within a day or two of having to go into the hospital and I didn't even know why because I'm not a doctor. Even my wife who is good with this sort of thing thought the cause was something else than what it was. So we were going in the completely wrong direction until we saw him. This is very upsetting because between my wife and I we have  presently 132 years experience so imagine how vulnerable younger people are with less training and experience with medicine than my wife and I ?"


"Most people on all planets die because first they don't have a diagnostician who is any good and second they don't have a good treatment doctor available trained to heal them. So, deaths from exactly what you are talking about are common throughout the galaxy at any age."

Jonathan: "What rules do you live by Purple?"

Purple: "In what context are you asking this question?"

Jonathan looked deeply into Purple and said, "How many other beings live 5 billion years without dying or being killed or having an accident?"

Purple: "Unless you are one of what you call the Creators who don't necessarily live in time and space but can when they want to basically no one but me and them. and the last 3 billion years of my life I attribute to being a companion of the Galactic Sentience as sort of his primary bodyguard, one who is not a Creator."

Jonathan: "But, how did you make it until you became the companion to  the Galactic Sentience and in what form do you visit him?"

Purple: "I'll answer the from part first. Usually I appear as either a STar or a Constellation or a planet when I'm hanging out with the Galactic Sentience. The form I come to earth with to visit those who knew me in the beginning of my life who I consider to be my Birth Family "like you" I still look like the person you met who was one of your bodyguards in California and traveling around the world near you.:

Jonathan: "But how did you personally survive wars and planets exploding and all that?"

Purple said, "Oh. That was really easy. I have multiple forms that are networked across this galaxy. So, when anyone kills one of my forms I simply go back in time and prevent all the births of those who killed one of my forms.

Jonathan: "Do you wipe out whole families and clans or do you just take out the leaders and perpatrators of your death?"

Purple: "It depends upon who the people are. First I research their lives for about 50 years time and capture one of them and I take the form and memories and likeness of them and live with them to determine how many I need to prevent the births of retroactively through time."

Jonathan: "You are very very thorough."

Purple: "If you are a sentient created species like myself you have to be this way. I could not have survived otherwise. My work has to pass the ethical and smell test of every other created sentient being in the galaxy basically. I don't worry about physical beings like humans morals at all. I consider the humans of earth by "birth Family" even though I have had to prevent many births of people retroactively protecting you through the years too."

Jonathan winced: "I always thought it was the archangels returning the karma of those attacking me in any way shape, or form."

Purple: "Sometimes. But sometimes Archangel Michael would say things like: "I cannot interfere in this to protect Jonathan, could you? And so I would do whatever was necessary to keep you alive. You have to go on living at least 1 million years or more, you know? The Galactic Sentience has demanded this for his Grandfather in human form on earth now."

Jonathan: "So even though you are now 5 billion years old and a companion of my Grandson for 3 billion years of this time you are still theoretically at least one of my bodyguards here on earth?

Purple: "Yes. But now I have thousands of forms throughout just this sector of the galaxy and millions of forms spread throughout the time and space of this galaxy in total to protect the interests of the Galactic Sentience and myself from harm. And we are all networked through time and space so any of us can help the other or alter time in any way necessary to create whatever outcome is needed anywhere in the Galaxy."

Jonathan: "Wow! I've never met any physical sentient being that blows me away more than you do Purple!"

Purple: "Oh. I bet you say that to all the girls, Jonathan!"

The hair went up on the back of Jonathan's neck and Purple just laughed her laugh of ultimate power in the Galaxy.

Jonathan was secretly glad that Purple was on his side because if she was your enemy you soon would be dead or just wish you were.

Purple had always been somewhere between a beloved sister and best friend to a girl friend since he first met her. But, she was likely the most amazing physical being he had ever met except for the Galactic Sentience his Grandson. (That was when his grandson chose to be in time and space because most people would consider his Grandson to be a God or something. Because he could go into and out of time and space at will instantly anywhere in the Galaxy. After all, the Creators live in Dark matter (unknown matter) which is 96% of the mass of the physical universe. But, Unknown matter does not contain time and space at all only pure being and consciousness of beings like the Creators who create Galaxies so their children can eat energy better.

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