Sunday, April 29, 2018

Turning the Wheel of the Dharma

I have seen this in action many many times in the U.S. India and Nepal so now I sort of compare it to invoking Archangel Michael and his Archangels to stick people in the forehead and hearts with their sacred fire swords which brings all their karma back instantly. This then either kills the person (from too much bad karma) or they move forward in their lives to become great leaders (a whole lot of good karma).

However, turning the wheel of the dharma is different in some respects: How?

In relation to Tibetan Buddhism which I studied a lot in the 1980s it is about turning yourself and your family into Bodhisattvas towards becoming living Buddhas. So, the reason you and the Tibetan Lamas Turn the Dharma wheel is to lessen your karma on some levels so you can actually attain the state of Bodhisattva and living Buddha here on earth. The reason for this is actually to prevent your death by any means while you dedicate your life to saving the lives of all around you and lifting them into Bodhisattva status (or Saint Status) in the eyes of all the Buddhas in the Universe.

So, whether you are invoking Archangel Michael and the Archangels into a situation for clarity and justice or whether you are "Turning the wheel of the Dharma" to make everyone's lives better here on earth basically you are doing exactly the same thing in a different cultural context.

Does Archangel Michael get involved in "Turning the Dharma Wheel"? I would have to say " yes!" but I cannot really explain fully how this works in real time in a way that would be satisfactory for me to share.

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