Monday, April 30, 2018

Partisanship Kills

Whatever your position is the hatred you feel for other points of view will kill you first. If you understand this then you are forewarned.

I'm finding I have to step back now from strong points of view because they don't keep me alive while I'm trying to get well.

I had an experience with a heart virus in 1998 and 1999 where I was really angry about not getting full custody of my daughter who is now 29. I did get joint legal custody but she got primary physical custody and I got visitations and a few weeks during summer vacation and Christmas and Easter Vacation with my daughter who was born in 1989. She is now 29 and we often travel and ski or snorkel together around the world.

But then, my anger was extreme and it was killing me. I had to realize my anger was literally killing me and I had to choose to give it up so my other daughter then 2 1/2 would have a father growing up and also my older daughter would have a father too as well as my son born in 1974.

So, letting my anger go saved my life then in 1999. But, it was very hard giving up my anger even to God.

It's the same with partisanship. No matter your position if you are angry and hating anyone it is also killing you too.

Once you understand this you have more control of whether you are going to live through all this or not.

Or whether one day you will just pass on with a stroke or heart attack and then everyone you love will miss you.

It's your choice!

By God's Grace

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